Lawn Sprinklers

Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 1.8m-3.5m Orange
Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 2.5m-4.6m Maroon
Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 4.0m-6.4m Black
Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 6.7m-9.1m Blue
Hunter Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle 1.2m
Hunter Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle 1.8m
Hunter Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle 2.4m
Hunter Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle 3m
Hunter Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle 3.7m
Hunter Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle 4.6m
Hunter Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle 5.2m
Hunter SRM Adjustable 4" Rotor
Hunter Side Strip Nozzle 1.5m x 9m
Hunter SRM Standard Nozzle Rack (Green)
Hunter Right Corner Strip Nozzle 1.5m x 4.5m
Rx Products Purple Dome Sprinkler
Hunter PS Ultra 4" Pop Up Body
Hunter PS Ultra 2" Pop Up Body
Hunter Pro Spray 300mm Pop Up Body
Hunter Pro Spray 150mm Pop Up Body
Hunter Pro Spray 100mm Pop Up Body
Hunter Pro Spray 80mm Pop Up Body
Hunter Pro Spray 50mm Pop Up Body
Hunter Pro Spray Shrub Adapter 1/2" Female

Why Sprinklers for Lawns are Essential in Australian Summers

A green and healthy lawn will enhance the look of your property and make the whole garden appear more attractive. But in hot and dry spells, your lawn can fade to an unattractive sandy colour as it becomes dormant, which you can correct by regular watering using lawn sprinklers.

A healthy lawn is reckoned to comprise 75-85% of water, but that level will obviously drop as the lawn dries out. This can contribute to a loss of vigour in the grass, which may make it more prone to diseases and, in extreme conditions, even lead to root death. It’s important, therefore, that you use irrigation sprinklers to keep your lawn healthy and looking good.

Installation & Use of Effective Garden Sprinklers

Creating and maintaining a healthy lawn depends on good care that includes regular mowing, feeding, weed prevention and effective watering. Here at The Irrigation Shop online, we have a wide range of high-quality lawn sprinklers for sale that will handle all the watering challenges any garden can present.

Effective watering, however, isn’t just about installing the best sprinklers you can buy, it also requires that they’re positioned correctly, used properly and that they’re checked regularly to ensure their effectiveness doesn’t diminish.

Lawn sprinklers are of different types, such as the pop-up sprinklers, including oscillating models that spray in a rectangular pattern and others that spray in a circular pattern. The former are more likely to give complete coverage providing you overlap by at least 10% while the latter generally require a 50% overlap to ensure there are no gaps that remain dry. This can result in some areas being too wet and water being wasted. When watering, pay attention to lawn edges that can be easily missed and to slopes where run-off can occur.

Avoid watering during the middle of the day because a lot of water can be lost through evaporation. Instead, water early morning so the water soaks in before the sun gets going or early evening, so the grass dries before sunset and lessens the risk of fungal problems.

A prolonged watering of about one hour twice a week is better than a daily watering of fifteen minutes. The former will encourage the roots to go deeper and make the lawn more tolerant of drought. And don’t forget to periodically check your sprinklers are working correctly; not split, clogged or incorrectly positioned.

Garden Sprinklers: Helping You to Keep Your Lawn in the Best Condition

A lush green lawn is often the centrepiece of a garden and helps to show off the other plants to the best effect. So, a correct watering programme is essential and you can’t do that effectively using a hand-held hose pipe because you’ll never achieve consistent and adequate coverage. That’s where we can help with quality lawn sprinklers which will enable you to maintain that perfect lawn.

Our garden sprinklers are only one element of the solution and can form part of a complete irrigation system that will keep your garden in great condition. We can also supply hosepipes, drip lines, connectors and every type of component you will need for an effective system. Best of all, we have the knowledge, experience and commitment to help you achieve your aims and create your own oasis in even the harshest of conditions. Read Less