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Plenty of irrigation and filtration shops will have the expertise to help you with your order. Given a few details, they can tell you which system is the most efficient and cost effective in your case. They can also explain why and recommend certain maintenance plans for the future. However, not every seller with that knowledge will make it available to you on principle. Some sellers simply focus on sales, prioritising them over making sure those sales are ideal for their customers. In those cases, customers have to figure most of it out by themselves, and they won’t be sure if they purchased wisely until weeks after they’ve installed the new products.

We operate more professionally than that. Not only do we make it our business to inform and look after our customers, but we also do this at no additional cost to them. After all, our expertise is part of our service, and it should not be separated from the products in question. In other words, when you browse our selection, you can reach out to us for a consultation on what would be best for your needs. We can help you answer any questions and address any doubts long before you place your order. More than that, we can help you figure out a plan for maintenance in the future. You’ll know which parts of your system require cleaning or checks most often.

In other words, when you buy a disc filter for drip irrigation online with us, we make sure it’s the one you need. We can freight to many parts of Australia, and for larger orders, we even do it for free. We’ve got your back.

How Does My New Irrigation Disc Filter Work?

The process is pretty straightforward. A disc filter is usually cylindrical, containing many corrugated rings stacked very closely on top of each other. When water passes through, the rings catch any unwanted contaminants. Disc filters for irrigation can catch particles as small as 20 microns in size, making them ideal for securing clean water for gardens and crops.

Thanks to its simple design and compact size, the disc filter for drip irrigation doesn’t require complex maintenance either. You can remove it from the system, disassemble it, and clean its components quite easily on your own. It wouldn’t require calling anyone to come and do it for you, which saves you plenty of costs in the long run.

Sustainability & Efficiency

Irrigation disc filters in Australia are especially good for drip irrigation systems, which make the most of the driest parts of the country. Drip irrigation slowly channels water to the roots of your crops or plants, which means you need significantly less water to achieve the same results. It’s a sustainable practise that doesn’t waste water or cause environmental damage. Most drip systems use disc filters, so if sustainability is a passion of yours, we recommend a drip system.

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