Water Pumps for Irrigation

Waterpro 370w Pressure System
Waterpro 370w Pressure System
Sale price$293.69
Waterpro 750w Pressure System
Waterpro 750w Pressure System
Sale price$374.40
Grundfos Scala1 3-35 .45kw Pressure System
Grundfos JP 4-47 .56kw PM1 Pressure System
Grundfos JP 4-54 .75kw PM1 Pressure System
Grundfos JP 5-48 1kw PM1 Pressure System
Grundfos Scala2 .55kw Variable Speed Booster Pump
Grundfos CM Basic 1-36 .5kw PM1 Pressure System
Grundfos CM Basic 3-37 .5kw PM1 Pressure System
Grundfos CM Basic 5-46 .9kw PM1 Pressure System
Grundfos CMB-SP 1-36 .5kw PM2 Pressure System
Grundfos CMB-SP 3-37 .5kw PM2 Pressure System
Grundfos CMB-SP 3-47 .5kw PM2 Pressure System
Grundfos CMB-SP 3-56 .67kw PM2 Pressure System
Grundfos CMB-SP 5-28 .5kw PM2 Pressure System
Grundfos CMB-SP 5-47 .9kw PM2 Pressure System
Grundfos CMBE 3-62 Variable Speed Booster Pump
Grundfos CMBE 5-62 Variable Speed Booster Pump
Onga Dominator 75/35 Submersible
Onga Dominator 75/56 Submersible
Onga Dominator 75/56 Submersible
Sale price$1,249.33
Onga Dominator 115/57 Submersible
Onga Dominator 115/57 Submersible
Sale price$1,527.14
Onga Tank Buddy Submersible Pump

Irrigation Pump for Sale - We Have the Expertise to Service It Too

That’s not just us saying that, either. Most of our customers, repeat or otherwise, agree that our knowledge and know-how is one of our best services here at The Irrigation Shop. Why? Because it’s fully at your service without you having to ask for it or even pay for it. There are plenty of irrigation and filtration companies in Australia that will sell you whatever you ask for; the trouble is, many of them won’t be able to accurately tell you if what you’re buying is the best option for your needs.

That’s what sets us apart. With our free irrigation design service and expert advice, we can determine which irrigation water pumps will get the job done best for the best price. If you’re not sure what exactly you need, we can help, whether you’re a homeowner with taste, a city council with a budget, or a school with kids to look out for. With a bit of info concerning your needs, preferences, and the site in question, we can advise you on the best material for the parts, the best system overall, and the best brand to buy from.

And our stock and prices certainly match the quality of our advice. We offer filtration systems, water pumps for irrigation, and parts for systems in various materials and brands. We make them available at competitive prices, and we work with all our customers to help them stay within their budgets without sacrificing quality.

So, if you want an irrigation pump that will be well-maintained, effective, and reasonably priced, you’re just where you need to be.

Covering the Spectrum of Needs & Requirements for Irrigation Water Pumps in Australia

We offer a multitude of pumps for lift or lawn sprinklers. We also offer expert advice on which of our options will suit your needs best. But that’s just the tip of our stock’s iceberg.

We offer various pumps and systems for all sorts of needs. Do you want your home to have quick, effective, high-pressured access to hot water? One of our circulation pumps can make that happen with no hassle. Is the engine pump that’s currently on your property too loud? We can replace it with a quieter system that you’ll hardly even notice is running. Do you want your swimming pool to stay clean and fresh for yourself or your kids (but mostly yourself)? Our various pool pumps are affordable and high-quality mechanisms. We even offer speciality pumps for highly specific or delicate industrial applications. In other words, whether you’re shopping for a home, a business, or a factory, our stock covers virtually all your needs concerning water.

And if your order happens to be a big one, we’re there to lessen the load just a bit. For any large orders of over $150, shipping is free! If it can be freighted to you, we won’t charge you for it. You can find more details about what we can and cannot ship directly to you under “Freight.”

Contact Us for Your Irrigation Pump & Receive a Free Design Service & Advice

You won’t have to wonder if you’ve chosen the best water pump for irrigation; you’ll know before you even buy. You can reach us at or (07) 3808 3611 for any enquiries. Read Less