Here is a quick overview of the entire irrigation design process


Understanding the amount of water that moves through your water source over a period of time. This will determine the amount of lawn sprinklers and garden sprinklers and driplines used at any one time


To create the perfect irrigation system we need a scale drawing of the site in metric measurements. You can graph the design on paper or use a online


Receive a professionally designed custom irrigation system. It will be tailored to your specific irrigation needs


We will provide you with a non itemised quote of the best equipment to use in various areas. To avoid mixing those with different flow rates. This will ensure an optimal irrigation system is in place to keep your gardens and lawns healthy

Step 1: Flow Rate

If you will be running your system from town mains, we will require a bucket test.

1. Find a bucket or tub that you know the volume of.
2. Making sure to use the closest tap to where your solenoid valves will be located, turn the tap on full bore.
3. Irrigation systems are usually run early in the morning. Your flow rate will be more accurate if you test it before 6-7am. Coffee is optional, but highly recommended.

You can use a valve and pressure gauge to get an even more accurate flow rate at a specific pressure. This can be extremely useful for high-pressure pop-up sprinklers that need more pressure to pop out of the ground.

If you have a pump, or intend to use both mains and a pump, we’ll need to know the brand and model of the pump. We can usually find the performance curves for most pumps.

Step 2: Scale Drawing

Designing an irrigation system can be a complex task considering some gardens have several areas, and these may be of irregular shapes. If you think it’s too much, we can design your system for you and even provide downloadable hints and graph paper for your design.

If you want to do it yourself we will need a scale drawing of the site. 1:100 (1cm = 100cm) is preferred, but 1:200 is fine for larger plans. Please use Metric measurements. We don’t work with Cubits or Camel-lengths.

The more accurate your drawing, the more effective your irrigation system will be. Here are some key elements to include in your plan:

  • Lawn areas
  • Gardens
  • Paths, driveways, and retaining walls (that may obstruct pipe and/or cable installation)
  • Large trees, especially those located in lawn areas
  • Areas you prefer to keep dry (e.g., glass pool fences). However, please refrain from requesting the exclusion of paths unless you are willing to personally shield them from rain showers.

Step 3: Receiving your free irrigation design plan

You will receive an expertly crafted irrigation plan meticulously designed to meet your unique irrigation requirements by incorporating the latest and proven irrigation best practices available.

Step 4:Receiving your parts quote

Our experienced team will be in contact with you to offer a configured non itemised parts quote. We offer the highest quality products at competitive rates that are specifically selected to meet the demands of your irrigation design plan. This is done to ensure optimal water flow rates. So, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden with minimum effort and no worries.

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