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At The Irrigation Shop online, quality service is our business. Our expert knowledge in the supply and distribution of water and other liquid products is backed by decades of experience. Our irrigation and pump showroom houses anything to do with water and other liquids. We provide irrigation systems in Australia for backyards to back paddocks, sprinkler systems for gardens, to golf courses.

We provide an extensive variety of fittings to do the job accurately and economically. Our range includes everything from cost-effective poly and nylon/PVC fittings for simple, one-off jobs; to complex, sophisticated pumps and irrigation systems for those heavy-duty, industrial applications incorporating durable brass, stainless steel and galvanised components.

Our Customers Are Our Focus

For over 30 years, The Irrigation Shop has supplied irrigation fittings, pumps, tanks and hoses, to our domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients. We've also built ongoing customer relationships with hundreds of tradespeople and industry consultants. Our diverse range of customers include:

  • city councils
  • construction and building companies
  • golf clubs
  • mining companies
  • agricultural, fish and hobby farmers
  • nurseries
  • plumbers and other tradespeople
  • home owners.

Expert Irrigation & Pumping Solutions

The Irrigation Shop staff are experts, providing anything you need in irrigation and water solutions! We offer the most suitable, up-to-date solutions for your project needs. No job is too big or too small – we have designed and supplied irrigation systems for all types of domestic, agricultural and industrial applications.

Our experienced advice is a free service that includes:

  • drawing up tailored plans to determine the best fittings and equipment for your project
  • providing cost-effective pricing to meet budget requirements
  • complete component supply and training on how to install and maintain your system

Ongoing Customer Commitment

We pride ourselves on developing excellent long-term relationships with our repeat customers through:

  • our competitive pricing
  • in-house servicing – if we sell it, we can service it for you
  • our free design service and expert advice

We look forward to offering you the best prices, solutions and recommendations for all your irrigation and pumping needs. Read More

Australia's Favourite Irrigation Equipment Supplier

Are you a homeowner looking to create your own beautiful oasis in your backyard? Do you represent an organisation like a city council or golf club looking for ways to keep outdoor areas healthy, beautiful, watered and properly drained? You've come to the right place! The Irrigation Shop is one of Australia's top providers of watering & irrigation supplies, offering a wide range of high-quality products including irrigation equipment, pumps, filters, spraying equipment and more. We're experts on all water-related equipment and we have the right product for private individuals and garden use as well as for companies and organisations looking for larger-scale solutions. Along with our dedication to customer service and ongoing support, this makes us the perfect provider no matter what your irrigation needs are.

A Wide Range of Watering & Irrigation Supplies

We supply everything related to water and irrigation, with a range of options in several different categories. Our collection of pumps includes submersible and drainage pumps, transfer and circulation pumps, pool pumps, speciality pumps and rainwater harvesting. Whether you're looking for a new pump for your rainwater harvesting system, something to keep your swimming pool going, or a pump that will reduce the risk of flooding, we have just the pump for you. We have water filters to guarantee the safety and cleanliness of your drinking water, including whole house, under sink and countertop systems. We also stock spraying equipment to help you keep your garden or recreational area watered, including hand sprayers, backpack sprayers and spraying systems, something for all situations and requirements. Of course, we're most known for our irrigation supplies. With sprinklers, drippers, driplines, irrigation filters and controls, timers and sensors that allow you to control them, you can ensure a garden, farm, golf course or anything else remains well-watered at all times and with minimum effort.

Farm Irrigation Supplies For Home or Professional Use

We have plenty of garden irrigation supplies like garden sprinkler or pop up lawn sprinklers for homeowners who want to look for more efficient ways to take care of their garden. And our supplies aren't only suitable for private use. Over the years, we have supplied companies and organisations like farms, city councils, mining companies, plumbers, tradespeople, construction companies, golf course irrigation supplies, and more. Whether you're a farmer needing the right farm irrigation supplies for agricultural use, a plumber looking for the right products for your clients or a golf club representative searching for a sprinkler system for a golf course, we'll be able to help you.

Choose The Irrigation Online Shop

For the best watering & irrigation supplies in Australia, you should come to us. Stocking the best brands and highest quality products at competitive prices, we guarantee you'll get equipment you can rely on. We offer a free design service and provide expert advice to help you choose the right product and design an irrigation system that meets your needs. With our expertise and experience, we can answer all your questions and help you find your perfect fit. We're also able to service all products we sell and we're always here to help you out if something goes wrong. Order our supplies for watering and irrigation online on our website or contact us with any questions or to receive advice and design help.

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