We offer a free design service for domestic, DIY installation. We'll let you know what you need to complete your project, but first, we need to know a few important things...

Flow Rate

If you will be running your system from town mains, we will require a bucket test.

  1. Find a bucket or tub that you know the volume of.
  2. Making sure to use the closest tap to where your solenoid valves will be located, turn the tap on full bore.
  3. Irrigation systems are usually run early in the morning. Your flow rate will be more accurate if you test it before 6-7am. Coffee is optional, but highly recommended.
  4. Time how long it takes to fill the container. You’re done! Let us know the time and container size and we’ll calculate your available flow rate.

You can use a valve and pressure gauge to get an even more accurate flow rate at a specific pressure. This can be extremely useful for high-pressure pop-up sprinklers that need more pressure to pop out of the ground.

If you have a pump, or intend to use both mains and a pump, we’ll need to know the brand and model of the pump. We can usually find the performance curves for most pumps.

Scale drawing

The other thing that we need is a scale drawing of the site. 1:100 (1cm = 100cm) is preferred, but 1:200 is fine for larger plans. Please use Metric measurements. We don’t work with Cubits or Camel-lengths.

The more accurate the drawing, the more effective your irrigation system will be. Helpful things to make note of are:

  • Lawn areas
  • Gardens
  • Paths, driveways, retaining walls (or anything else that will prevent pipe and/or cable being laid)
  • Large trees (particularly in lawn areas)
  • Anything you don’t want to get wet (e.g. glass pool fences). Please don’t ask us to avoid paths, unless you actually hold an umbrella over said path every time it rains.

Once we’ve drawn up the design, we’ll provide you with a non-itemised quote. We only use the best quality products, and our prices are very competitive.


Irrigation Design.pdf

A4 Grid Paper

A3 Grid Paper