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Explore the Great Outdoors Safely with Caravan Water Filters

Touring Australia with a mobile home or caravan is a great way to see the more remote parts of the country. It also means you get the chance to experience a more basic way of living but it doesn’t mean you have to risk your health by drinking unsafe water.

When out in remote areas, you may have to get your water from rivers, bore holes, tanks or any source that’s available. But these may contain plenty of contaminants and even mains water can have additives that you want to avoid. That’s where a caravan water filter kit can help to protect you and your family.

Caravan Filters to Deal with Different Threats

The attraction of exploring with a caravan is that you get to see and explore all sorts of places. The downside is that the water you drink may have various contaminants that include:

  • Chlorine that’s added to mains water to kill bacteria and other pathogens but can combine with ammonia to produce an unpleasant smell and taste
  • Bacteria such as e-coli that can be in untreated water and can cause illness
  • Rust from water tanks that discolours the water and stains clothes
  • Heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic that can be extremely damaging to health
  • Cyst parasites that cause severe illness
  • Sediment that causes blockages and adversely affects the smell and taste of water
  • Fluoride that is added to improve dental health but is not considered safe by some
  • Dissolved minerals that cause hard water, leading to a build-up of limescale that clogs pipes and damages appliances
  • Nitrates that originate from fertiliser run-off
  • VOCs that are in many household products and can cause many health issues.

Different types of caravan water filters are needed to deal with these various contaminants and one or more can be fitted to caravan water filters. However, given that caravans have restricted size, you will need to choose a system that’s most suitable:

  • External water filter for caravan hose that filters the water before it goes into the caravan’s tank, which will prevent sludge build up and protect appliances
  • Caravan under sink water filter that filters water as it enters the caravan and outputs it via a tap
  • Bench top water filter that works in the same way as an under-sink version but sits on a kitchen counter.

How Long Does a Caravan Water Filter Last?

Ultimately, it depends on how much you use your filter. If your caravan includes a shower and you’re filtering your shower water, it will gradually reduce the life of your filter. A good rule of thumb is to replace your filter annually, or after 5,000 litres of water. If you need to filter hard water, that will take a greater toll on your filter than soft water.

How Often do You Change a Caravan Water Filter?

If you use your caravan for weekend breaks, you may not need to change it annually. If you’re travelling for long stretches several times a year, you may find yourself having to change it more often. Each filtration system will indicate in the instructions what the filter’s lifespan is. If you’re filtering water that’s full of sediment and chemicals, it will force your caravan water filter to work harder than a filter that’s only cleaning hosepipe water. This means that your filter may not last as long as the manufacturer promises.

Do You Need a Water Filter on Your Caravan?

If you want to be able to take your caravan anywhere, a good water filter for caravans is essential. Even if the local water is drinkable, it may have a nasty taste/smell. A water filter is not as effective at sterilising foul water as chlorination, but it will serve to reduce the chemicals and bacteria to safer levels. This is particularly important if you want to relax in a remote place. You don’t want to choose between irritating your stomach and weighing down your caravan with heavy packs of bottled water.

Our Puretec filters work on camper trailers, motorhomes, caravans and even boats. If you’re out in the wild, our filters can reduce the sediment in your water, which chlorination on its own won’t do. With SilverPlus antibacterial filtration technology, you can depend on Puretec. Our filters are also practical; they can connect to standard garden hose fittings. Our customer service is excellent and you can depend on our stock availability. With Puretec, you’ll get a quality water filter for a competitive price.

What Happens if You Don't Change Your Caravan Water Filter?

Your water filter will become less effective the more clogged with sediment it gets. Sediment in your water filter will reduce the speed at which water can flow through your filter, which reduces the effectiveness of filtration.

How Do I Know if My Water Filter is Dirty?

Some filtration systems have a mechanism to tell you when the filter needs replacing. The appearance of your water is not enough on its own to indicate a problem. If there’s a change in the smell or taste of your filtered water, it’s a sign that you need to check the filter. If the water tastes a bit like a swimming pool, that’s a sign that your filter is no longer effective in removing all the chlorine from your water source. 

Choosing the Right Water Filter System for Your Caravan

The type of system may depend on the space you have available and how you will use it. You may, for example, filter the water before it enters the tank to keep it clean and then again with a separate filter before you use it.

Certain fine filters will reduce flow rates so you may opt for a one-micron filter to purify drinking water and a five micron version for showering and washing. Choosing the right system, therefore, means you’ll need to decide where you’ll put it and what it needs to deal with. The descriptions for the irrigation filters and caravan water filters we supply will help you make the right choice and we’re always happy to offer advice so you can explore the country with confidence. Read Less