Pop Up Lawn Sprinklers

Hunter MP Rotator 45-105° Radius 2.5m-4.5m Teal
Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 2.5m-4.6m Maroon
Hunter MP Rotator 210-270° Radius 2.5m-4.6m Light Blue
Hunter MP Rotator 360° Radius 2.5m-4.6m Olive
Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 4.0m-6.4m Black
Hunter MP Rotator 210-270° Radius 4.0m-6.4m Green
Hunter MP Rotator 360° Radius 4.0m-6.4m Red
Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 6.7m-9.1m Blue
Hunter MP Rotator 210-270° Radius 6.7m-9.1m Yellow
Hunter MP Rotator 360° Radius 6.7m-9.1m Grey
Hunter MP Rotator Left Strip 1.5m x 4.5m Ivory
Hunter MP Rotator Right Strip 1.5m x 4.5m Brown
Hunter MP Rotator Side Strip 1.5m x 4.5m Dark Brown
Hunter MP Rotator 90-210° Radius 1.8m-3.5m Orange
Hunter MP Rotator 360° Radius 1.8m-3.5m Light Green
Hunter MP rotator 90-210° Radius 2.4m-4.85m Grey/Maroon
Hunter MP Rotator 360° Radius 2.4m-4.85m Grey/Olive
Hunter SRM Adjustable 4" Rotor
Hunter PGP Ultra Adjustable 4" Rotor (Blue Nozzle)
Hunter PGP Adjustable 4" Rotor (Red Nozzle)
Hunter I20 Ultra Adjustable 4" Rotor
Hunter I20 Ultra Stainless Steel Adjustable 4" Rotor
Hunter I25 Ultra Adjustable 4" Rotor

Effective & Unobtrusive Pop-Up Lawn Sprinklers

All lawn sprinklers will keep your lawn watered and help to ensure it’s in good health. But, while some are designed for manual use and have to be moved about to achieve full coverage, pop up sprinklers make everything simpler and more effective.

Pop up garden sprinklers operate just as the name suggests. They’re installed at soil level and then pop up when they’re needed to water the garden. This means they’re completely unobtrusive when they’re not in use so that, if they’re installed in a lawn, you can run the mower right over them. But they do the job of keeping your garden properly watered by creating an effective spray pattern.

Types of Pop Up Sprinklers & Uses

At The Irrigation Shop, we have various types of pop up lawn sprinklers for sale so we’re bound to have some that are suitable for you. Rotor sprinklers have an internal gear mechanism that causes the sprinkler head to rotate so there’s an even water coverage. These are particularly appropriate for large areas while those with no gear drive can have a suitable nozzle attached. Some have fixed spray nozzles while others have variable arc nozzles, and the spray pattern can be adjusted from a full circle down to a small segment.

The sprinklers distribute water evenly and are usually best positioned at the edges of lawns to spray water inwards. However, large garden areas will also require additional sprinklers in the centre to achieve full coverage. To be sure of this, position sprinklers so the water patterns overlap slightly (known as ‘head-to-head watering’), which will depend on the radius of throw.

When installing your pop up lawn sprinklers, be aware of the water pressure, which can cause the system to not work efficiently if it’s too low or too high. Excessive pressure (generally above 300 kPa) can cause cracks and leaks, which can be avoided by fitting a pressure reducer.

Each sprinkler usually requires a certain level of water pressure to make it pop up and each may have a varying flow rate. The overall flow rate from your taps will determine the number of sprinklers you can operate from each outlet.

Buy Your Pop Up Garden Sprinklers Online Today!

Most of our pop up garden sprinklers incorporate a check valve that prevents leaks when the system is off and means that lines don’t need to refill each time a cycle starts so that water isn’t wasted. They’re also all of commercial quality so they’ll give years of trouble-free use provided you keep them clear of blockages.

If you’re not sure of the number and types of sprinklers you need, we provide a free irrigation design service that will establish your perfect set-up. This will include the right sprinklers in the correct places, with all the appropriate piping, valves and connectors. We can then supply everything you need including downloadable installation guides that will explain and illustrate in simple terms everything you need to know. That way, you can keep your garden looking great no matter how hot and dry the weather is. Read Less