Drip Tape & Fittings

Pro-Loc 16mm Tape Joiner
Pro-Loc 16mm Tape Joiner
Sale price$1.41
Pro-Loc 16mm Tape Inline Valve
Pro-Loc 16mm Tape to 13mm Take Off Valve
Pro-Loc 16mm Tape Tee
Pro-Loc 16mm Tape Tee
Sale price$3.03
Pro-Loc 16mm Tape Flushing Valve
Pro-Loc 16mm Tape to 425 Series Barb Take Off
Antelco 13mm Top Hat Rubber Grommet
Toro 13mm Curved Rubber Grommet
Antelco 16mm Top Hat Rubber Grommet
Toro 19mm Curved Rubber Grommet
Antelco 19mm Top Hat Rubber Grommet
Toro 25mm Curved Rubber Grommet

Buy Drip Tape Online in Australia

The best place to get drip tape in Australia is The Irrigation Shop. Our range has all the irrigation and watering supplies you might need, for personal or commercial applications alike. We have a watering solution for every situation, and we stock the highest quality products from the top brands in the industry. When you shop with us, you can also expect our expert help and advice every step of the way. If you're looking to buy drip tape online, check out our range today.

What is Drip Tape?

So what exactly is it we're talking about? Drip tape is a pipeline with a dripper that distributes water to crops. It's very thin and enlarges when it fills with water. It's most commonly used for short-term crops and last 1-5 years if you take care of it correctly. Using a water irrigation system like this to take care of your crops can save you time, money and water, and it also helps your crops grow better by preventing weed growth and ensuring that the nutrients in the soil are not washed away.

Picking the Right Drip Tape in Australia

There are many options out there for water irrigation, especially in a range as extensive as ours. Finding the right solution for your project requires taking a few different factors into account.

  • Water supply: Whether you're working with a water pump for irrigation or mains water it is important to know when you look at the water supply and tape available to you, as you need to understand your water supply before you choose a product
  • Water pressure: The wrong amount of water pressure will ruin your tape, so you will usually need a pressure regulating valve to get the recommended pressure rate of the tape you've chosen
  • Length and number of the irrigation drippers: How much tape do you need and how many drippers, how far apart? This all depends on the area you want to water and how your crops are placed

Our Drip Tape & Other Product Options

We know that's a lot to think about, but luckily, we're here to help you out! Our free design service involves us making a tailored plan for your situation and helping you choose the right products. Our range has something for every situation, and we can ensure that you find your perfect fit. We're also able to educate you on how to install your new system, and we can service it if something goes wrong in the future. For the best drip tape for sale on the Australian market, check out our shop. Read Less