Toro Drip Eze P/C Drip line 13mm x 50m 2 l/h 30cm Spacing

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Toro Drip Eze™ extruded in-line drip tube is a precise, low flow irrigation product suited to a wide range of landscape applications, such as high density planting areas and intricately shaped beds.

Drip Eze applies water to the plants at a slow consistent rate, reducing the risk of run-off and water wastage. Particularly suited to areas like median strip garden beds where overspray cannot be tolerated.


  • Tube manufactured from low density polyethylene
  • Continuous wetted strip (in closer spacings)
  • Discreet brown tubing blends into the landscape
  • Easy to install, fits difficult corners, rockeries, etc.
  • Two directly opposed outlet holes to prevent exit holes clogging
  • Uses Australian Standard poly fittings
  • Designed to be installed above ground
  • Raised inlet to emitter reduces the risk of emitter blockage

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