Rainbird XFA P/C Drip Line 13mm x 50m 2l/h 30cm Spacing

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XFA Dripline with Pressure Compensating, Anti-Siphon Emitters

Manufactured in Australia for demanding Australian conditions, Rain Bird XFA dripline is ideal for on-surface, densely planted beds. XFA dripline features emitters with one of the widest pressure compensating ranges available resulting in consistent emitter flow with elevation changes and long lateral run lengths. Advanced pressure compensation performance leads to better irrigation uniformity throughout the zone. The XFA dripline emitter also includes anti-siphon functionality to resist infiltration of grit and debris into the emitter at the end of each irrigation cycle. The emitter includes an inlet filter and high turbulence from an extra-large labyrinth to further reduce clogging.


  • Through the use of a proprietary tubing material blend, XFA dripline has exceptional flexibility and kink resistance. XFA dripline has a bend radius of 4” allowing installation in narrow zones with tight curves
  • The low profile XFA emitter design reduces pressure loss resulting in lateral run lengths over 25% longer than competitor products
  • Dual-layered tubing (brown/lilac over black) provides resistance to UV damage – suitable for on-surface installations
  • Accepts industry standard 13mm insert fittings
  • Laser etched information on the tube allows easy identification of dripline type, flow rate and spacing


50 to 350 kPa (7.25 to 50 psi)
Flow rate
2 L/Hr
Filtreation requirement
120 mesh
Water temperature
Up to 43°C


Rainbird XFA Dripline spec sheet

Official Rainbird XFA Dripline webpage

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