Rainbird LXME2 Controller Pro

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Next generation in control for traditionally wired irrigation systems

The popular Rain Bird LXME Series commercial controllers have been upgraded now offering 40 programs, a large backlit LCD screen, and simplified programming. The LXME2 is a fully modular controller allowing the user to customize station capacity from 12 to 48 stations and upgrade to the LXME2 PRO by purchasing the PRO controller or installing the Pro Smart Module. The LXME2 PRO gives the user access to one flow sensor input, advanced flow management capabilities, and a second MV2/P pump start output.


Modular Design

  • Easy upgrade from LXME to LXME2 by swapping the front panel (only accepts 12 station modules)
  • 12-station base unit expandable to 48 stations with (4) 12-station modules
  • Access a flow sensor and a second MV2/P booster pump start circuit or normally closed master valve by upgrading to the LXME2 PRO. To upgrade, purchase the LXME2 PRO controller or the Pro Smart Module can be purchased separately

Intuitive Operation

  • 40 programs allow for ultimate flexibility in irrigation scheduling
  • Large backlit LCD display with easy to navigate softkey user interface
  • Copy and paste functions for easy programming of multiple stations

Powerful Water Management

  • FloManager™ manages hydraulic demand, making full use of available water to shorten total watering time
  • SimulStations™ are programmable to allow up to 5 stations to operate at the same time (Max 2 SimulStations per station module)
  • LXME2 PRO models include additional flow management capability and an additional second MV2/P for station level booster pump control


Rain Bird ESP-LXME2 Pro bruchure

Rain Bird ESP-LXME2 Pro tech specs

Rain Bird LXME2 Pro user manual

Official Rain Bird LXME2 Pro webpage

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