Norma 304 Stainless Super Clamp 29mm-31mm


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NORMACLAMP® GBS is designed primarily for use in applications where hose clamps must meet stringent requirements. In particular if suction and pressure hoses - complete with plastic or steel inserts and high shore hardness values - are to be connected and attached. They are particularly suitable for use on commercial and special vehicles. NORMACLAMP® GBS clamps’ ability to withstand exceptionally high levels of band tensile force is an outstanding feature. They are also extremely easy to install, whether you’re using manual, pneumatic or electrical standard tools.


Specially designed bolt with integrated spacer and improved performance
Reinforced Band Loops
Ability to withstand much higher torques
Mechanically Locked Closure
No welding spots and no contact corrosion
Hose protection
Robust Band with Rounded Edges
Prevents injuries and damage to hoses
Hollow Trunnions
Reduces the tensile forces on the bolt and mechanical lock


  • Machine building
  • Chemical industry
  • Irrigation systems
  • Ship manufacturing
  • Railway industry
  • Agricultural machines
  • Building machines
  • Engine manufacturing
  • Pump and filter
  • Mining industry

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