Gardena Maxi-Flo 3 Way Snap On Coupling 18mm

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Gardena Maxi-Flo 3-Way Union 18mm (G2833) - The GARDENA Maxi-Flo 3-Way Union is ideal in connection with longer hoses or for use with pumps. Who doesn't know this problem: your garden has only one water source but you would like to connect two devices to the garden hose at the same time? Particularly in the Maxi-Flo System a practical solution. With the use of the GARDENA Maxi-Flo 3-Way Union the hose can be practically branched. This allows simultaneous various work in the garden e.g. the lawn can be sprinkled while the other hose is used for watering flower-beds. The 3-Way Union has a 18 mm inlet and two 18 mm outlets. For every problem there is a solution.

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