Gardena Aquazoom Adjustable Oscillating Sprinkler


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Precise, flexible and even watering for medium-sized lawns

The GARDENA AquaZoom M Oscillating Sprinkler is designed to water medium-sized lawns and gardens evenly and precisely without forming puddles or leaving dry patches.

The AquaZoom M is designed for areas ranging from 9 to 250 m² and is one of the most flexible sprinklers in the GARDENA range. It has three different parameters that can be set making it possible to precisely select the area that will be watered avoiding water wastage.

It is easy to set-up by placing it on the lawn, setting the range anywhere between 3 and 18 metres using the sliders, setting up the width range from 3 to 14 metres using the lateral sliders and adjusting the water flow if required. All that is left to do is turn on the hose.

Thanks to its high-grade materials including metal components and its two extra-wide supports, the AquaZoom M Sprinkler remains firmly on the ground and is protected against frost.

Its built-in fine-mesh stainless steel filter can be taken out very easily by simply rotating the connector. To clean, simply hold it under running water to wash away dirt and other particles. Since the nozzles are made from soft plastic, any lime build-up can simply be wiped away with your finger.

It is UV stabilised to withstand Australian conditions, made in Germany and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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