Gardena Aquacount Flow Meter 12mm

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This product contains a coin cell or button battery
Intoxication or risk of chemical burnDeath or serious personal injury
  • The battery can cause severe or fatal injuries in 2 hours or less if it is swallowed or placed inside any part of the body. In such event, seek medical attention immediately.
  • The replacement or servicing of batteries must be carried out by a qualified person.
  • The battery contained within this product, whether new or used, is hazardous and is to be kept away from children.

The Water Meter AquaCount from GARDENA is a great help when watering your garden, both to measure your own water consumption and to save water sustainably. Thanks to the included battery the water meter is immediately ready for use. It can be connected either to the tap or directly to the end of the hose in a horizontal or vertical position. The large rotatable display which is easy to read in any position, has 4 functions with useful information about water management ready for you. With functions 1 and 2 the total water consumption, e.g. per day and per season, can be displayed individually. Function 3 shows the exact water consumption per irrigation process and function 4 gives you an insight into the flow rate in litres or gallons per minute. The Water Meter AquaCount is easy to clean, UV-stable and frost-proof. This durability enables year-round use in the garden. The high product quality is supported by GARDENA with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. AquaCount: Watering Gardens with measured care.

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