Calpeda META Variable Speed Pressure System


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Calpeda Mèta Variable Speed Pump

Self-priming booster set with built in frequency converter.
MÈTA is a plug and play solution, the pump is equipped with an integrated pressure transducer, an integrated check valve and a built-in pressure vessel.
The VSD controls the start and stop of the pump and allows to keep a constant pressure.


  • for water supply
  • for domestic use, for garden use and irrigation


  • integrated frequency converter
  • built-in pressure vessel
  • high efficiency asynchronous single-phase motor
  • motor power control
  • programmable re-start pressure
  • no hydraulic losses due to the measuring devices
  • voltage and current control
  • monitoring of maximum starting current


  • dry-run protection
  • detects the presence of air in the pump casing
  • overload control and overheating motor control
  • pump blockage
  • power supply control
  • starts per hour control
  • detects small leakages in the system

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