Calpeda GXM ZERO Low Drain Submersible Pump


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Calpeda GXM ZERO Low Drain Pump Submersible


Single-impeller submersible pumps in chrome-nickel stainless steel, with vertical delivery port and suction non-return valve.

Suction capability up to 1 mm from the bottom.

Motor cooled by the pumped water passing between the motor jacket and the external jacket.

Double shaft seal with oil chamber.

The pump is fitted with a suction non-return valve which, during operation, allows to manually move the pump to several points in the room and draw water up to 1 mm avoiding that the pump loses its priming.


  • For clean water containing solids up to 3 mm grain size
  • For draining rooms or or emptying tanks
  • Extraction of water from ponds, streams or pits and for rainwater collection
  • For irrigation purposes

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