Anka 3/4" Non Return Valve


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Anka Check Valves are a spring-loaded non-return valve which can be used in a variety of cold water applications including irrigation, plumbing, marine, domestic, agricultural and industry to allow water to flow in one direction only.

Key Benefits:

  • Install at any angle
  • Durable, versatile and non-corrodible materials
  • Can be taken apart for cleaning
  • Does not restrict flow
  • Spring-loaded

How it works:

  • Plunger opens fully when pump turns on
  • Water flows through valve
  • Plunger securely closes & seals


Working Pressure:
1600 kPa (230 psi) @ 20°C
Temperature Range:
Cold water applications


Anka Check Valve spec sheet

Official Anka Foot Valve webpage

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