What Is The Best Irrigation System For A Vegetable Garden?

For small vegetable gardens, of about 20-25 square metres, a drip line irrigation system is the most efficient way to water your plants. If your garden is closer to 400 square metres, you’re going to need an overhead irrigation system. Using low water pressure, drip irrigation can deliver water to the exact areas you need. Compared to a hosepipe, watering can, or overhead irrigation system, the drip irrigation system delivers water more efficiently, ensuring that the plants that need water get hydrated. Unlike a hosepipe or a watering can, drip irrigation doesn’t lose water to runoff.

Get The Best Irrigation System For Your Vegetable Garden From Puretec

The best system for your vegetable garden will include sensors. These will shut off the water during heavy rain, to protect your plants from becoming overwatered. As your vegetable garden’s irrigation will draw water from your domestic main water supply, it’s very important to have a backflow preventer. This will stop water from your garden from going back into the house and contaminating the purity of your drinking water.

At Puretec, we’ll put valves in all the right places, so pipes can be opened and closed as needed. This also improves water efficiency by allowing you to isolate leaky pipes.

Puretec Will Craft You The Best Irrigation System For Your Vegetable Garden

To make your irrigation system as effective as possible, you need to know the flow rate of your mains water so pay close attention to the pressure range.

Before 7am, fill a bucket with water from the tap your system will connect to, and time how long it takes to fill to the top. Using the volume of the bucket and the time, Puretec can calculate the litres per minute. With a scale drawing (in metric) of your garden, we can design the best irrigation system for your needs. We’ll arrange the layout of the irrigation system so that it’s as efficient as possible, sending the right volumes of water to your space.

The Best Parts For Your Irrigation System

To keep your vegetable plants healthy through summer, you’ll need a system that’s made of high quality components. Cheap plastic sprinkler heads can melt in the summer heat. Check that the components you buy are made of acid resistant materials, as this will help them last longer. A good controller of your irrigation system will allow you to suspend irrigation for up to 99 days to account for the off-season. QuickCheck software is also essential in your system’s controller, as it will alert you to any faulty wiring in your irrigation system.