How to Choose the Best Caravan Water Filter

There are so many factors other than price that go into choosing a water filter for your caravan. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the most important questions you need to ask when it comes to finding the right choice for your needs.

Do You Want a Portable Filter?

The first question is whether you want a portable filter, or one that connects to your caravan’s sink. If you want a filter to connect to your tap, check that the product mounts either vertically or horizontally. What it means is that the product can be installed in your caravan without needing to take the sink apart. You will also need to check the size of the tubes you want to connect it to. Most of our products connect to 12mm tubing, which is the normal size for a hosepipe. Look for a valve-in-head filtration system. This allows you to change the filter cartridge as a minor DIY job rather than requiring professional help.

What Will You Be Using The Filter For?

The second question is how strong you need your filter to be. Some filters are fine for mains water or rainwater but are not equipped for rural or heavily contaminated water. If you plan on boiling the water, or using it for a shower, you’ll need a long-lasting filter but you don’t need the water to be as pure as drinking water. Look for carbon filtering, and filter systems that use silver for its antibacterial properties. Carbon filters improve the smell and taste of water and the best filters can remove poisons like lead and mercury. Our product descriptions include a micron rating, which tells you the level of pollutants that slip through the filter. A rating of 0.1 microns means that your filtered water is purer than water from a filter of 1 microns.

Water Quality & Water Pressure

It’s best to look up your ideal camping destinations to double check the water quality. Also, research the climate during the seasons of the year. A desert that is freezing at night and burning hot during the day will put stress on your filtration system. Many of our products at Puretec have a minimum temperature of 0°C and a maximum of 38°C. In addition, water filters are subject to pressure limitations. If the water pressure is too high, the filter will not work. The minimum and maximum for water pressure is included in our product descriptions.

Does the caravan water filter come with a warranty?

The next question is warranty. At Puretec, our products come with a ten-year warranty. That doesn’t mean the filter cartridges will last that long, but it will guard you against faults in the system.

How Much Water Do You Need to Filter?

The final question is how much water you need to filter, and how fast you need it filtered. Our products include a flow rate of litres per minute. Before a long trip, it’s wise to bring a replacement filter cartridge with you. You don’t want the warning light to go on when you’re in the middle of nowhere without a backup.

So now that you know what questions you need to ask and what features to watch out for, you should be able to find the perfect caravan water filter for your specific needs.