Puretec Tanksafe 2L Tank Purifier (Treats 32,000L)

PuretecSKU: TK2000

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Puretec TankSafe™ Rainwater Purifier (2 Litre) - Innovative product that can kill up to 99.9% of all germs bacteria and viruses in your rainwater.Rainwater carted water and water that is pumped up from bores and dams all have the potential to be unsafe. The TankSafe™ formula can vastly improve the safety of these water supplies. It is a recognised and approved product for treating drinking water by the National Health Medical research council.Features and BenefitsKills germs viruses biofilms and other pathogens.Cost-effective way of purifying your water.Leaves a residue in the water ensuring the bacteria can't reoccur.Colourless and odourless making it excellent for drinking water.Protect your tank water for up to 2 months unlike chlorine which dissipates quickly.

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